Broadening Horizons Across a MAT Using LYFTA

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4 May 2022

Lyfta is an award-winning, global learning platform which invites students to explore the world through a growing series of immersive learning environments (storyworlds) where they encounter diverse real human stories from across the globe through stunning 360° environments, high quality films, and digital content.

Staff from across LEO Academy Trust regularly attend Lyfta’s global learning webinars to learn how to use the platform and weave the resources into lessons and assemblies. We have been using Lyfta to support our LEO pupil outcomes, which include active citizenship, collaboration, and and leadership, as well as to help with ambitions to weave global citizenship and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into our curriculum. 

Graham Macaulay, Director of Technology, commented that Lyfta had helped teachers tackle trickier topics, such as inequality and challenging stereotypes, in a deeper and more immersive way than would have been possible without the platform. Phillip Hedger, CEO, also commented that LEO is now mapping Lyfta content to the wider curriculum, integrating the platform into topic themes and subjects including PSHE.