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29 June 2020

Theme: LEO Music Week

Date: 29 June - 3 July


This year, LEO Music Week took on the theme of ‘Carnival’. The idea of the week was to introduce pupils across our Trust to the delights of Brazilian Carnival.

The week started with an introductory assembly based on the world famous Rio Carnival. Pupils learnt about the origins and traditions of carnival and the country in which it is based.

Each day brought a new challenge for pupils to participate in. Over the week, children took part in an array of activities including singing, learning a call and response, playing samba rhythms (albeit on pots, pans and cardboard boxes!) and making elaborate costumes.

We were completely blown away by the effort pupils, parents and staff put into this week with everybody fully embracing the true spirit of carnival. This was demonstrated by the amazing creations that adorned the pages of Twitter. Feathered bird masks, crocodile costumes, beautiful face painting and Brazilian coloured flags and pom poms were just some of the ways our pupils brought a little bit of Rio magic to the LEO Academy Trust.

Thank you to everyone for making LEO Music Week such a success.