Our Aims and Objectives

Our Strategic Aims

To develop a family of great academies where …

  1. Children are safe and enjoy learning.
  2. Pupils are developed for life, through our LEO Pupil Outcomes and an extensive programme of wider opportunities.
  3. Teachers collaborate in Professional Learning Teams and Network Learning Communities to develop teaching & learning across the Trust and beyond.
  4. Leaders are valued and developed at every level, from our pupils upwards. Embedded through clear succession planning and CPD programmes.
  5. Diversity and inclusion are respected and valued.


Our Strategic Objectives

Our Trust Board have agreed three key strategic objectives which will support the growth and development of LEO Academy Trust over the next five years.

  1. Ensure the provision of high quality education & a wide range of opportunities at every school;
  2. Provide broader educational support, placing our Trust at the heart of the communities we serve;
  3. Ensure the Trust remains financially sustainable, with sound operational foundations.