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True Education Partnership

True Education Partnerships are the most trusted provider of educational school trips and student exchanges between the UK and China. We work with True Educational Partnership to organise our sister school partnership visits and to connect with our sister schools. Being part of this programme enables us to teach valuable life skills such as resilience, confidence, independence, responsibility, respect and diversity appreciation. The Sister School Partnership programme consists of bilateral student exchanges and participation in joint projects with a Chinese school. This is an opportunity for our pupils to host Chinese students at their school and embark on a life-changing school trip to China. These experiences have been shown to encourage personal development and teach valuable life skills such as leadership, maturity and independence.


The Global School Alliance

The Global School Alliance unites passionate educationalists from around the world under the common goal of providing global learning for students. By combining online collaboration and immersive experiences members can develop transformational international partnerships. LEO Academy Trust is proud to be part of the Global School Alliance as a Partner which allows us to converge from all corners of the world to collaborate on their online platform and connect through student exchanges and delegations. We can develop pedagogy and curriculum whilst also unlocking a wealth of transformational opportunities for our pupils.



Each week some of our KS2 pupils learn Mandarin with China based teachers in an after school and lunchtime club, taking part in a live and interactive Chinese lesson using video-conference technology. Our pupils communicate regularly with their teacher who is actually on the ground in China. With this authentic form of communication comes context around why they are learning the language. The teachers in China can show our pupils outside in Beijing. Is it snowing? Is it polluted? Is it a busy day in a huge  etropolis? With these authentic exchanges, our pupils develop and maintain motivation to learn a language and develop a deeper interest in another country on their pathway to becoming global citizens, meeting one of our 5 LEO Pupils Outcomes.