Technology for Learning

Technology for Learning

The Trust vision is that Technology for Learning will enable children, staff and parents to enhance their teaching and learning. Effective use of technology for learning will be seen when children are more engaged in their learning, can independently select the appropriate resources and as a result of utilising technology for learning, children’s outcomes and experiences are enriched and enhanced.

A range of current technology, which children will be able to effectively use will be available for children to independently select and for staff to use to engage and deliver the curriculum outcomes. Staff will be trained to have a proficient use of technology and will be supported by the Principal, Computing Co-ordinators and the Technology for Learning Director. Children will be able to extend this learning beyond the classroom and share with the home. This will be through child initiated learning; to ask and answer their own questions, as well as identified tasks from the teacher.

We have launched the LEO Digital Package which includes a number of premium apps and tools. We have put together this app guide to assist our staff with finding out more information about some of these products and how they can be used in the classroom.



Learning with Google

Last year the education community came together on a scale and at a speed never experienced before. Educators demonstrated creativity and resilience in the face of overwhelming challenges, keeping the focus on learning and their students. We’re proud to share our story, of how Google products were used across our Trust, to reimagine teaching and learning.

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