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PE and Sport


Unlocking Potential, Inspiring Lifelong Activity: LEO Academy Trusts PE Curriculum 

At LEO Academy Trust, we believe physical education is more than just movement; it's a gateway to developing well-rounded, confident individuals. Beyond the obvious health benefits, regular participation in sport and physical activity develops character, creates a sense of belonging, and supports building personal resilience. Additionally, playing team sports has positive impacts on developing leadership and teamworking skills. 

All LEO Academy Trust pupils receive a minimum of 2 hours high quality PE a week and to complement this we have an ambitious extra-curricular and competitive sports program.  Our schools ensure that we provide equal opportunities for all to participate in a range of sports to  give pupils inspiration, understanding and appreciation of the effect sport can have on them.


Our innovative curriculum strives to provide the best sporting learning opportunities for its students and combines Create Development's Real PE scheme and Merton PE Schemes' sport-specific curricula. Which ignites a passion for physical activity while nurturing essential life skills for success. 

Developing physical literacy, emotional and social skills with Real PE:

  • Real PE helps support EVERY child to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life. This sustainable, holistic solution transforms how we teach PE to include, challenge and support EVERY child. It is fully aligned to the National Curriculum.

  • At the core of "Real PE" lie the six learning cogs  – Personal, Social, Creative, Cognitive, Physical, and Health & Fitness. These underpin all PE lesson objectives, ensuring every activity promotes challenge, control, and social-emotional development.

  • The PE scheme empowers our class teachers with comprehensive resources and professional learning opportunities, equipping them to deliver engaging lessons.

Specialisation with Merton PE Schemes:

  • Complementing the holistic real PE approach, the Merton PE Scheme provides dedicated instruction from our LEO Sports Coaches. Coaches use their expertise to bring deep understanding of specific sports like Netball, athletics, and cricket, fostering technical proficiency and a deeper appreciation for each discipline.

  • Recognising individual needs, the Merton PE Scheme offers flexibility. Coaches can adapt activities and drills to cater to pupils’ varying skill levels, ensuring inclusivity and fostering optimal progress for all.

  • At the heart of each lesson you will still find the focus of the real PE learning cogs driving the holistic development of our pupils. 

Progression of Skills:

Both schemes follow a carefully structured curriculum, ensuring continuous progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS to Year 6. Pupils build upon their foundation in fundamental movement patterns, progressively mastering sport-specific skills and tactics. Within the folder shows the progression of skills for the learning cogs and fundamental movement skills.

Regular formative and summative assessments inform instruction and identify areas for further development. This feedback loop allows practitioners to tailor their approach, maximising learning opportunities for every pupil.

Curriculum MapsCurriculum Maps Which show the Multi-ability Cog Focus & Learning Journeys for each year group including foundation stage.  

 Progression of SkillsProgression of Skills Within the folder shows the progression of skills for the learning cogs and fundamental movement skills.

Building Champions On and Off the Field

LEO Schools fosters a love of sports for all students, while recognising the importance of competition. Our dedicated Sports Team goes beyond delivering PE lessons; they create a thriving competitive program that sets us apart from other schools in the area.

We actively encourage participation in borough events organised by the Sutton Sports Partnership. Additionally, we extend opportunities beyond the borough by collaborating with established organisations like The Brownlee Foundation, professional football clubs (Chelsea FC, Fulham FC, Crystal Palace FC), Nomads Korfball Club, Surrey County Cricket and Panathlon competitions.

While football has traditionally been a strong focus, LEO Schools champions a diverse range of sports. We actively promote and develop niche and emerging sports within our extracurricular and competitive offerings. A great example is our partnership with Nomads Korfball Club, which allows students from across the Trust to participate in competitive Korfball events. 

Complementing these fixtures and events, we organise LEO friendlies and festivals. These events prioritise participation and provide every LEO student with the chance to represent their school. We believe in fostering core sporting values – fairness, integrity, responsibility, and respect – alongside a lifelong love for physical activity.

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