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At LEO Academy Trust, we align the teaching, planning and assessment of Reading,

Writing and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling by drawing upon the expertise of individual leaders within the Trust to collaborate and implement our shared vision approach. This ensures a consistent, high-quality teaching and learning approach to the planning and resourcing of lessons and ensures teacher well-being is kept at the forefront.

Within LEO Academy Trust, English lessons are fun, engaging and creative, incorporating technology to supplement and further enhance the teaching and learning of lessons.

Our Director of English leads the pedagogical development of English across the Trust, supporting leaders and teachers to deliver an inspiring English curriculum, and in turn enabling all our pupils to engage with the subject through highly effective teaching, visionary leadership and exciting extra-curricular opportunities.

We worked in collaboration with LGfL, to relaunch Reading Zone Live: a highly innovative, interactive and exciting online platform to support the teaching and learning of Reading and Literacy across KS1 and KS2 for both teachers and children alike.

To further develop and strengthen the passion for English across the trust, children from each of the schools have created a school newspaper in collaboration with The Economist. Each term, children explore a range of topical issues through group discussions before being given the opportunity to develop their skills as journalists to present and publish their work.

Furthermore, our vision is to launch a teaching resource across the Trust, where children are taught by members of the English team virtually, allowing the teacher to work exclusively with small focus groups. In partnership with Adobe Sparks Creative Writing, we will launch an online platform, where planning, resourcing and teaching of lessons will be delivered virtually, whilst giving children the opportunity to write for specific purposes and audiences.

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