Inclusion for All

Inclusion for all
At all LEO Academy Trust schools, inclusion is a fundamental principle of our Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity ethos.  All schools are welcoming, encouraging, and enable every pupil to achieve their best- whatever the challenges.  
Every teacher is a teacher of SEND and every leader is a leader of SEND which is intrinsic to everything we do at LEO Academy Trust. All children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and be included in the social and academic life of all schools across our Trust.  We provide educational experiences that take into account the individual needs of each pupil.  Across the Trust, we believe in diversity of approach but consistency in outcomes for all pupils.
Pupils, at any stage of their learning, may have particular and individual educational needs which may require further development of their gifts, talents, learning, emotions, or behaviour. Often these needs can be met by providing access to a variety of different activities to suit their learning, as well as additional support from their teacher or other adults who work in the school. Schools in LEO Academy Trust are committed to meeting those needs and working with parents. Where needed, specialists and professionals are consulted in order to secure the best possible outcomes for every pupil.