Safeguarding at LEO

“ Safeguarding in all LEO Academy Trust schools is effective. We observed many outstanding features in safeguarding, pupil behaviour and pupil well-being. The Trust values and ethos support a whole school approach to safeguarding which is clearly articulated and demonstrated through the safeguarding lead and the academy procedures.” - External Safeguarding Review

At LEO Academy Trust, Your Child's Safety and Well-being Are Our Highest Priority

We understand that a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment is essential for all children to thrive. That's why safeguarding is the foundation of everything we do at LEO Academy Trust.  

Our commitment includes:

  • Strong Relationships with Families: We believe that knowing our families well fosters open communication and allows us to better understand and support each child's needs.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Analysis: We carefully monitor and analyze trends to identify potential concerns and take swift action to ensure every child feels protected.

  • Dedicated Staff Training: Our staff receives continuous training and development in safeguarding practices so they are equipped to recognize and respond effectively to any issue.

  • Comprehensive Safeguarding Curriculum: Each academy delivers a tailored safeguarding curriculum that addresses the specific challenges our students may face. This integrated approach weaves safeguarding principles throughout all subject areas, as well as targeted computing and PSHE lessons.

  • Developing strong multi agencies partnerships: Ensuring children get the right support at the right time

We believe safeguarding is more than a collection of policies; it's a culture of care that permeates every aspect of our work. 

Safeguarding Strategy



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