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At LEO Academy Trust we believe that music making is a powerful and personal experience that can aid children’s development in so many ways; academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Our aim is to provide every child with a high quality music education which engages, inspires and nurtures a love of music and so in turn, increases self confidence, creativity and achievement.

We follow the Sing Up Music Curriculum, with a scheme of work for each year group from Nursery to Year 6. This scheme is a progressive set of teaching resources that meet the requirements of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Expressive Arts), the National Curriculum for Music and the Model Music Curriculum (Singing, Listening, Composing, Performance/instrumental performance)

It is our aim that pupils are exposed to a broad and diverse range of repertoire and musical traditions through a fully-integrated approach to musical development which connects the interrelated strands of singing, playing, performing, composing, improvising, listening and appraising. 

Our curriculum sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding to be gained by all pupils at each stage of learning. Within each unit, students revisit existing knowledge and skills and then build upon and extend them incrementally. In this manner, learning is consolidated and augmented, allowing for increasing musical confidence, while constantly being gently challenged to go further.

In Year 3 pupils have the opportunity to study World Music lessons with Inspire Works or Donal O’Neill. During this time they learn about West African drumming, Brazilian Samba drumming, Cajon and junk percussion. Pupils have the opportunity to perform termly to parents to showcase their learning. 

In Year 4 children take part in Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET). This is delivered by experienced tutors from Sutton Music Service. During this time pupils learn to play an instrument from either the brass, woodwind or string family and develop their music notation skills. Pupils have the opportunity to share their learning with parents in termly performances culminating in an end of year performance at the Fairfield Halls. Continuation lessons are offered to pupils in year 5 and 6 where pupils are taught individually or in small groups. 

By the end of Year 6, it is our aim that a successful learner enjoys music, is enthusiastic and wants to continue their musical learning. They have a good understanding of instruments of the orchestra and can identify different instruments by sight and sound. They will have experienced playing a range of  instruments and will have had the opportunity to perform to a variety of audiences. Our pupils will have been exposed to music from different cultures, genres and periods of history and will be able to use their musical knowledge when appraising these pieces. They will also have a basic understanding of notation and be able to apply this when composing in class.

Our intent is for pupils to leave us with a love of music and be well equipped for music at secondary school.

In addition to our Sing Up Music curriculum pupils can access a variety of individual or small group peripatetic lessons. These include guitar, ukulele, brass (trumpet,trombone, french horn, baritone) woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone and recorder) violin, piano and keyboard.

Pupils can also be part of a school choir that rehearse once a week during lunchtime or after school. These choirs have regular opportunities to perform at events such as Young Voices at the O2 Arena, Sutton Music Trust KS1 and KS2 Big Sing, school concerts and charity events.

There are also opportunities for pupils to play in an orchestra.

Music Curriculum Overview

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