Opportunities - Maths


Here at LEO Academy Trust, we follow a Teaching for Mastery approach that embeds understanding, utilises problem solving and gives children the mathematical skills they need to be successful in a mathematical world. The Maths- No Problem! scheme is used to deliver a high- quality, spiral curriculum that has been designed by experts both in the UK and in China. Our Director of Mathematics leads the implementation of rich, accessible and challenging lessons across all schools and supports teachers with planning, delivering and assessing all mathematical content. The fundamental principles for all of our lessons include; a strong focus on retaining and recalling fluency facts, a Concrete- Pictorial- Abstract approach in all year groups, rich discussion and peer talk as well as the opportunity for reasoning and problem solving. Workbooks and maths journals as used to model and demonstrate children’s thinking, visualisation of word problems and showcase the consistent progress they are making.

There are a number of outside organisations that LEO are proud to be involved in or supporting to engage in the wider mathematics community. Every year, we are proud to be part of #Barvember and showcase how to use this pictorial approach in every unit of mathematics! Children have also been involved in the Count On Us Primary Challenge, funded by the Mayor’s Fund for London, and will continue to engage in this yearly competition. In 2020, LEO Academy Trust was delighted to be official ambassadors of Maths Week London; resources, virtual lessons and live events were shared beyond our Trust across the capital.

Whether it is virtual or in- person, there are an abundance of mathematical opportunities staff are engaging with, to enhance their subject knowledge and improve their mathematics practice. Every LEO school is involved with workgroups led by our NCETM PD Accredited lead in conjunction with the London South West Maths Hub. There are also half termly training and subject specialist training opportunities as well as an abundance of collaborative planning sessions.


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