What Makes a Great LEO School?

What makes a great leo school

Mission, Vision, Values & Aims

  • The Trust's mission, vision, and values are clearly evident across the school.
  • A consistent approach to embedding and developing the Trust’s inclusive vision of Excellence for All is clearly evident.
  • The school supports the implementation of the Trust’s five strategic aims


People & Culture

Teaching, Learning & Assessment 

  • The Trust’s Teaching & Learning Strategy is embedded across the school.
  • Adaptive teaching supports the school’s inclusive approach to learning.
  • A pedagogical approach to the use of technology is well developed across all year groups.


  • The school offers an ambitious curriculum. (At LEO, we see an ambitious curriculum as one which goes beyond National Curriculum expectations, both in terms of content and outcomes.)
  • Leaders ensure that the school’s curriculum is coherently and progressively sequenced.
  • The school offers a wide range of opportunities for pupils, enabling them to excel across all LEO Pupil Outcomes, ensuring that they are future ready.


SEND (including pupil wellbeing)

  • The Trust’s SEND Strategy  is embedded across the school. The Pupil Wellbeing Policy is in place. SEND children make good individual progress from their starting points.

Pupil Premium Children 

  • The Pupil Premium Strategy is effective and Pupil Premium (PP) children make good progress with the gap closing.

Behaviour & Attitudes

  • Strong values underpin good behaviour. There is a whole-school behaviour approach which is underpinned by the LEO Behaviour Strategy


Performance, Quality Assurance & Accountability

  • Positioned in the top ten, for all attainment & progress measures, within their EEF 'family' of schools. Families of Schools Database
  • Progress and attainment outcomes for pupils exceed national averages by the end of each key stage.
  • The school successfully engages with quality assurance reviews (internal and external) with positive outcomes.

Governance & Compliance

  • Effectiveness of the Academy Committee to support & challenge the school, inline with the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.
  • School meets statutory compliance requirements for: website, GDPR, Health & Safety and Risk. 
  • Safeguarding is effective. All staff are compliant with the Trust’s Safeguarding Policy.  360’ Online Safety review is regularly reviewed and improved on.

Overall Effectiveness

  • School of choice for local parents.
  • Children attend school regularly.
  • Persistent Absence (PA) is effectively addressed for all groups
  • Graded Good or better by Ofsted. 


What Makes a Great LEO School?