Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

At LEO Academy Trust, we believe that Early Years settings in schools are vital in preparing young children for their learning journey for many years to come. Across all of our schools, our Early Years settings follow the LEO vision to lay the foundations that will allow all pupils to excel.

From the moment a child steps into an EYFS classroom, they are met with endless opportunities to develop them into independent, confident and happy learners. All settings have extremely knowledgeable and dedicated staff who work collaboratively with others across the Trust to ensure a carefully planned continuous provision is provided for every individual, with a focus on our LEO values.

We want our children to foster a love for learning through a safe and stimulating environment, using our play-based curriculum, which is based on their interests, wants and needs. Staff are excellent role models for the children, providing high-quality interactions and scaffolding learning through their play.

At LEO Academy Trust, we understand the importance of the outdoor learning environment and each setting has areas for pupils to challenge themselves, take risks and explore the world around them, giving them experiences which will ensure their well-being and contribute positively to their development. Every setting has high expectations, focusing on the characteristics of effective learning to support children to succeed as unique individuals and celebrate their achievements, creating an inclusive environment for all.


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