SEND at LEO Academy Trust

Every teacher is a teacher of SEND LEO SEND teacher expectations, and every leader is a leader of SEND which is intrinsic to everything we do at LEO Academy Trust. All children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and be included in the social and academic life of the Trust’s schools.  Across the Trust, we believe in diversity of approach but consistency in outcomes for all pupils.
Pupils, at any stage of their learning, may have particular and individual educational needs which may require further development of their interests, talents, learning, emotions or behaviour. Often these needs can be met by providing adaptations and access to a variety of different activities to suit their learning, as well tailored interventions and identified support. LEO schools ensure that SEND children are supported by the teacher, other adults and resources through carefully thought through adaptations and provision, with a constant focus on promoting independence.
The LEO Trust promotes the use of assistive technology to support children’s access to learning. UDL is used, with an aim to change the design of the environment and curriculum rather than to change the learner. By anticipating learner variability and proactively reducing the barriers to learning, UDL empowers all learners to engage in rigorous, meaningful learning experiences. EEF Recommendations for SEND