Opportunity Hub

Opportunity for all ...

Experiences plus ambition equals success; because everyone in the Trust deserves the best.


The Opportunity Hub began in September 2019 in order to further develop the opportunities for both pupils and staff across the Trust. The hub team consists of Curriculum Directors, Director of Training & Professional Development , Director of Partnerships and Extended Schools,  Director of Technology for Learning, Forest School Leader, Lead Teachers for Technology & our Extended Schools Manager. Together we strive to provide everyone in the Trust the best possible opportunities available. For example we have a successful Mandarin programme where pupils learning the language have the opportunity to visit China to practice their language skills. Staff have CPD opportunities at all stages of their careers. 

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities and varied opportunities for all of our pupils. Our pupils will have many opportunities to enhance and enrich their learning throughout their time at LEO Academy Trust. There are activities on offer to suit everyone which also provide openings for pupils to discover their interests and find where their talents lie. We believe that school is about so much more than learning how to read and write and we endeavour to provide our pupils with opportunities that they may not have exposure to in everyday life. 

There are numerous clubs on offer in all schools, which vary from music and sport to cooking, chess and arts clubs. These take place before or after school and at lunchtimes. Children are actively encouraged to attend activities and the majority take part in at least one club, with others participating in an activity every day of the week. We want our pupils to learn new skills, develop self-belief and self-confidence, and have fun!

Read the Opportunity Hub Brochure here