Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Inclusion at LEO Academy Trust  

‘Excellence for ALL’
Central to the LEO Trust aims are: 
  • Everyone feels included, respected and valued
  • We make a difference to the communities we serve
At LEO Academy Trust, we have always championed inclusivity and equity in our schools through education.Our underpinning value of ‘community’ reflects our commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity in all that we do. LEO Academy Trust aims to embed equality of opportunity, and create an education that provides pathways that reduce wide variations in education outcomes for protected and vulnerable groups. Together, we can help everyone understand and be understood. Diversity is highly valued and neurodiversity is a human right. 
LEO Academy Trust aims to provide appropriate and professional service to people who have protected characteristics. This is delivered through processes, attitudes, and behaviour. We seek to eliminate discrimination through unwitting prejudices, ignorance thoughtfulness, and stereotyping; with the goal to ensure that no-one is disadvantaged. This includes socio-economic disadvantage. We want to avoid bias and create a better environment for parents, pupils, and staff.
LEO Academy Trust has a range of policies that support equity, diversity and inclusion: