Tonia Webb - Social Emotional Mental Health & Support Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Tonia Webb is currently the SEMH lead for LEO Academy Trust. She has a wealth of experience fostering positive behavioural changes along with promoting social, emotional and mental well-being in diverse settings. Tonia is committed to providing individualised support,empowering children to navigate challenges, contributing to an inclusive environment. She approaches all behaviour and SEMH support with empathy and patience,recognising the unique needs for individuals.


Tonia is flexible and adaptive in tailoring support and interventions to meet the evolving needs of individuals and the dynamic nature of numerous behavioural challenges. Tonia’s philosophy revolves around the belief that every child has the potential for positive growth and well-being and is dedicated to providing holistic support that addresses both behavioural challenges and social,emotional mental health needs. With empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges, she considers her role is to provide the support and guidance to unlock all children's potential.


Tonia is also currently working as part of the DFE Behaviour Hub with schools, and MATS, nationally supporting them to improve behaviour for learning.