Pupil Outcomes and TEAM Approach

Pupil outcomes and team approach

Preparing Pupils for Life through
Our LEO Pupil Outcomes


Active Citizens in a Global Community

  • LEO pupils are local, national & global citizens; they have a strong sense of identity, respect and value the importance of diversity & inclusion and make positive contributions to their community.

Self-Directed, Collaborative & Confident Learners

  • LEO pupils develop independence, confidence and character through sport, creativity, performance, volunteering & experiencing the world of work.

Innovative Learners who pursue Excellence

  • LEO pupils innovate, develop digital skills & maximise the use of technology; their performance in Maths, English, Science & Computing exceeds their peers nationally.

Healthy Learners who make small changes with a big impact

  • LEO pupils have the physical, emotional & social literacy to overcome challenges. They communicate effectively.

Leaders of today; life long learners

  • LEO pupils develop critical thinking, leadership skills, life skills, cultural capital & financial literacy.

Our LEO TEAM Approach



  • We are all one team; we share the same Vision, Mission, Values & Aims.


  • As one team, we have the same expectations of each other & our pupils. We believe in diversity in approach, but consistency in outcomes.


  • We collaborate, we support each other and we achieve together.

Move Forwards

  • We are focused on the future and never stand still. Individually and collectively, we develop and grow. We are outward looking and always push the boundaries of what is achievable.