LEO Academy Trust establish sister school in Chengdu

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2 December 2021

Brookfield Primary Academy, Cheam Park Farm Academy, Manor Park Primary Academy, Cheam Field Primary Academy and Cheam Common Junior Academy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with their partnered schools in Tianfu, Chengdu to initiate their new Sister School Partnerships. During the signing ceremony, students and teachers introduced their school, local area and their goals for the partnership.

Philip Hedger, CEO of LEO Academy Trust, said: “At LEO Academy, we aim to develop our pupils as active citizens in a global community. True Education Partnership’s Sister School Programme offers us a perfect way to realise this ambition. I was proud to join our Principals, and some of our pupils, as we took part in a virtual ceremony with schools from Chengdu this week.

The opportunity to meet students and staff from our new sister schools, was incredibly inspiring for our children. Many of them are learning to speak Mandarin and this programme really helps to bring their learning to life. They are fascinated to learn about other cultures and cannot wait to talk to students from Chengdu and explore first hand, what life is like in China.

We are looking forward to forming a really special partnership with our sister schools in the years ahead. One based on friendship, collaboration and learning. The Global Schools Alliance helps to make this possible, through a very accessible platform and great support for teachers.”