A day of talks and discussion on aspects of English grammar

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9 March 2022

Are you sat down or sitting down while reading this? Have you got or do you have a preference for one form over the other? English has a number of ways of expressing the same concept, and with approximately 400 million mother-tongue speakers and an estimated 1400 million non-native speakers it has become a diverse, flexible language that continues to adapt, evolve – and provoke strong reactions. You only need to search for #grammar on Twitter to see what we mean!

Recent developments in the National Curriculum for England have placed grammar in schools at centre stage once more, and divided opinion among politicians, teachers, linguists and journalists, as well as the wider public, on how and whether it should be taught. How have teachers implemented changes to their teaching and learning programmes to adapt to the new syllabuses, assessment criteria and tests? What resources are available for students, teachers and the general public to learn more about English grammar, and how reliable are they? 

LEO Academy Trust's Director of Teaching and Learning, Shareen Wilkinson, will be speaking at this event about Primary Grammar. She will be using examples from her lessons at Brookfield Primary and her work at LEO Academy Trust to discuss the different aspects of English Grammar.

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