EYFS is Full of Amazing People

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25 May 2022

Lianne Clarke, part of the EYFS team at LEO Academy Trust, speaks with Amazing People Schools Blog about how we use their services to approach character education, and better equip our pupils with an understanding of a diverse range of significant individuals who have shaped the world we live in today.

At LEO Academy Trust, we are truly committed to delivering a world class education for the 3500+ pupils to which we serve. Integrated into our curriculum are the LEO Pupil Outcomes: which has character education at the heart of all that we do for all pupils, including our EYFS pupils. Through adapting the Amazing People Schools resources to the needs of our youngest learners, we have been able to develop our provision to help us build our own little amazing people.

In many schools, EYFS staff across the sector find themselves attending training and CPD which isn’t always well matched to the needs of Nursery and Reception children. However, at LEO Academy Trust, we are all incredibly fortunate to work for an organisation which is so committed to providing high quality, age appropriate, CPD to all staff. Amazing People Schools is a fantastic example of an incredibly high quality and inspirational staff training our team have been able to engage with.

Within minutes of hearing about this fantastic resource, I soon realised that this was a hidden gem in the world of EYFS resources, even if Amazing People Schools didn’t know it yet. The potential to help us provide a classroom rich in the values of the all-important Characteristics of Effective Learning was evident. As well as presenting opportunities to open discussion with our own little ‘Amazing People’ about others, the potential to catch them exploring this in the classroom with complete engagement was clear. So, after a quick discussion about the plans Amazing People Schools had for expansion into EYFS, my class and myself were building our character strengths.

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