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14 June 2020

Theme: LEO Wellbeing Week

Date: 14  - 19 June 2020


We have recently had a very busy and fun filled Wellbeing Week at LEO Academy Trust! The week was jam packed with fun activities and challenges for our pupils to take part in both at home and at school. Our Wellbeing Week was based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Give, Be Active, Take Notice and Keep Learning. Evidence suggests these are 5 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. It is believed that trying these things out could make you feel more positive and our pupils definitely had great fun giving them a go across this special week. There was a brand new wellbeing challenge each day of the week and our pupils were very keen to find out each day what the new challenge was! Our pupils also had the opportunity to complete their very own Wellbeing Challenge Chart and to take part in lots of fun activities outlined in our LEO Academy Wellbeing at Home Activity Guide. Why not read on to find out more about what our pupils got up to across the week...



After following a video tutorial created by Miss Elkins, a Y6 Teacher at Cheam Fields Primary Academy, our pupils created some wonderfully bright happiness posters to promote friendship. We really enjoyed seeing all of the photos that were sent in of the fantastic friendship trees, they really helped to brighten up our day! Our pupils also joined in with a variety of other activities to support them in ‘connecting’ with others, such activities included saying hello in another language, baking cakes to share with family and writing letters to friends.



On Tuesday our pupils considered ways that they could ‘give back’ to the planet and were challenged to find a way to re-use items from around their home. We saw some very creative ideas sent in which included: turning a cereal box into a brilliant pencil tidy, creating a super bird feeder from an empty plastic bottle and a wooden spoon and making a fantastic gift box using cardboard tubes, scraps of wrapping paper and a ribbon! Our pupils also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the three special Forest School activities created by Mrs Joseph, Forest School Leader and Outdoor Education. These activities included making a bottle snake, a seed planter and a plastic bottle planter. The bubble snake activity proved to be a very popular one!


Be Active:

Our pupils' dancing skills were also put to the test on Wednesday as they were challenged to learn a new dance routine, following an online dance tutorial courtesy of LoveTheatreArts! The tutorial included a warm up, a stretch and an opportunity to learn a new routine! It was great to see pupils taking part in this challenge both at home and at school. We were so impressed that they were able to learn a whole dance routine in just 30mins! What talented dancers we have! Thanks again to LoveTheatreArts for putting such a wonderful dance tutorial together for our pupils.


Take Notice:

On Thursday, our pupils were challenged to carry out their very own wellbeing scavenger hunt by finding the following items: 

Something that makes them happy, 

Something that is their favourite colour 

Something that makes them laugh 

Something that they are thankful for in nature 

Something that they love to smell 

It was wonderful to see photos coming in from both home and school illustrating what our pupils are thankful for!



Keep Learning:

The last day of LEO Wellbeing Week focused on learning a new skill and our pupils were treated to a drama tutorial courtesy of LoveTheatreArts. The tutorial included a warm up and lots of fun improvisation games! Our pupils had great fun at home and school by taking part in the line game, trying out some tricky tongue twisters and completing the remote control challenge. 


A huge thank you to our terrific staff for their continued commitment to ensure our pupil’s wellbeing has a high priority across our Trust and for planning such a fun week for our pupils to enjoy. We would also like to thank our amazing parents and carers for taking part in all of the planned challenges at home and for sending in such wonderful photos and videos. It is always such a treat to see our pupils having fun and enjoying their learning!


What was your favourite activity during well-being week?


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