LEO Summer Celebration Week

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13 July 2020

Theme: LEO Summer Celebration Week

Date: 13 July -  17 July 2020


We started our Summer Celebration on Monday by thinking about everyone who has helped us, thinking carefully about what they had done, how we have appreciated it, how this has helped us and what we would miss about them. The children recorded their findings in various ways including creating videos.

Tuesday was a day spent reflecting on the year, thinking about what we have learned and documenting their memories of the year.

Having reflected on last year, Wednesday was our day for looking ahead to next year; the children were challenged to create a Flipgrid to share the three things that they were most excited about for next year.

On Thursday our thoughts turned to the Summer Holidays. The children created a bucket list of things they would like to do over the course of the Summer which will hopefully involve more time outside in the sunshine and less time in front of a screen!

We completed our Summer Celebration week with LEO’s Got Talent, an opportunity for children to share their talents by submitting a video recording. We are very much looking forward to seeing the wide variety of talent that exists across the LEO Academy Trust!