Count on Us during lockdown: How LEO Academy Trust kept it going

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21 April 2021

LEO Academy Trust is always looking to engage our children with mathematics beyond the classroom and open up their minds to opportunities that spark their imagination and increase confidence in this core subject. Primary Count On Us challenge, funded by the Mayor’s Fund for London, was the perfect opportunity for our children to get involved in this exciting competition, while also raising the profile of maths back in their classrooms. With such a brilliant outlook and opportunity for our children, all LEO academies jumped at the chance to take part.

First up, all the LEO Maths Leaders and Director attended the teacher training which was packed with problem solving ideas and resources. Staff had great fun with tangrams, pentominoes, the 24 game and cracking codes! Each school was so inspired that a ‘Maths Club’ was started to give all children opportunities to use these resources, work collaboratively with children whom they wouldn’t normally work with, and work on some problems they may not have come across before in their maths lessons.

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