Cheam Common Junior Academy wins prestigious BETT award!

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23 July 2021

Collaboration is a key aspect of how the LEO Academy Trust functions, and we are delighted to have been awarded a prestigious BETT award in collaboration with LGFL and Reading Zone Live. This is after the completion of a fantastic project with staff building an online reading scheme for teachers globally.


Judges have commented that;

"The judges felt that this was an outstanding, detailed and pedagogy-led project with excellent results and potential for wider impact and scalability. A focus on reading and comprehension feeds into writing skills, and with the additional support for speaking and listening, the programme has a wide benefit for all learners. The materials and scheme are responsive to students, and properly address SEND and EAL. Content is diverse and inclusive to inspire all children. The judges were impressed by the meaningful collaboration between LGfL and the school, with the school improvement resulting from this project demonstrating how such partnerships can promote a culture of discovery and aspiration among teachers."


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