Earth Day 2021: Manor Park Primary Inspiring young global citizens.

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22 April 2021

One way of mobilising the school community and celebrating Earth Day is by hosting an assembly. Assemblies are often great catalysts for ideas and spaces for students to lead. For example, Manor Park Primary Academy in Sutton is running a whole school assembly exploring why it is such an important day and what teachers, pupils and families can do to live more sustainably.

As part of this, the school will be writing poems about looking after the planet as well as sharing stories which explore real-world examples of people who are leading sustainable lives – for example, using the Beekeeper’s Garden storyworld on Lyfta where students meet Malte who makes honey in Berlin, travels via a cargo bike and reduces his food waste.

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As part of World Earth Day,  we were delighted to hear Miss Millingen from Manor Park speak on BBC Radio Surrey about the exciting learning opportunities all of our schools are engaging with today.

During the interview she shared what Earth Day means to the pupils of Manor Park and how the children love to express their views on our changing planet. Using Lyfta platforms has brought subjects to life, engaging students and allowing them to see real people, world wide, living sustainable lives. 

Children have enjoyed discussing their beliefs and sharing their thoughts, learning to work together to change our world.
To listen to the full broadcast click here.