LEO Annual Conference 2020

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13 November 2020

Earlier this term we held the fourth LEO Annual Conference.

The theme for this year's conference was Positive Education & Character Education at the heart of our curriculum, practical support to promote wellbeing; helping children & staff flourish.

Due to the current situation this event was held virtually which allowed for us to have all LEO staff as well as Trust guests attend.

In the morning we were extremely grateful to have keynote speeches from Educate to Flourish, The Jo Cox Foundation and Teacher Toolkit. These speeches gave us a positive start to the day with lots of thought provoking moments for how we as a Trust can bring positive education to all of our pupils and how we can get further involved in our local community.

After breaking for lunch everyone attended two workshops, which they had chosen when registering for the event. These workshops were presented by Teachappy, JigsawCompassion Matters, Ali McClure, Teacher Toolkit, Art of BrillianceEducation to Flourish and Amazing People Schools.

All workshops had a great turnout and were very happily received by all. Again the presenters left us with lots of points to think about and bring into our classrooms and beyond.

To finish the day we had a speech from Andy Cope from Art of Brilliance. This speech was on The Ripple Effect and how we can make a difference to people's moods and experiences with the way we speak and address the situation. All attendees finished the day with lots of positive ways to continue the great work they do in our Trust.

The entire day was documented by Dr Pen Mendonca and we cannot wait to see the finished artwork.

Following this event we will continue to focus on the wellbeing of both our staff and our pupils. We will also be continuing to work on our community projects to ensure opportunities are available to all.

We would like to thank all staff that worked on the seamless running of this event and the presenters for making the conference so thought provoking and successful.

Speeches and workshops from the day are available to watch on our YouTube Channel.